The medal is an ideal form of celebrating and commemorating many occasions by private, public and corporate clients. Commissions having been undertaken for birthdays, births, theatres, churches, quarries, factories, writers, musicians, doctors and hospitals. Universities and other institutions have made full use of Prize medals in recognition of outstanding achievements.

Clients have included The British Museum, The Royal Mint, Preston Guild, Finning (UK) LTD. and the Universities of Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, St Andrews and Wolverhampton. Royal Mint commissions included medals for the National Trust and the 2 coin for the 1999 Rugby World Cup. Her Majesty The Queen, leading politicians and churchmen have also been presented with commissioned pieces.

"Ron Dutton has always been able to respond sympathetically to the needs of client and market. He has made his work widely available and easily accessible: he has knitted it into the fabric of individual and institutional lives. Yet, throughout, he has remained a free spirit. And a spirit who has grown freer as he has grown older, in works that speak of flight, not just through the air but through the infinite. His recent pieces seem set to journey through earth?s storms to the infinite spheres beyond."

Mark Jones, Director Victoria and Albert Museum. Catalogue" Roots and Beyond". Nantwich Museum 2005

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