Uniface 1974 - 1996

I made my first medals in 1974, though at that time, thought of them as small reliefs and had no awareness of medals as a contemporary art form.

"From his juvenilia to these latest medals a theme has been constant. This is his feeling for nature, his ability to suggest her shapes, and, equally telling, his sometimes almost uncanny sensitivity: Ron Dutton echoes the rhythms of nature and through them her poetry.He speaks to us of nature?s hold over the hearts of men. This was true with work of over ten years ago, such as his "Apple Tree Ladder", and ever since then the exploration of the mysteries of nature has become more subtle, more revealing. The quintessential qualities of certain landscapes have been captured, while, unerringly, universal values are suggested."

Terence Mullaly, Writer and Critic,Catalogue "Marks of Time" 1987

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